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The Food Industry For Over 30 Years.


We understand that food standards are always
increasing and that
our designs must continue
to evolve and meet them.

Established in 1990, Sensor Tech has been delivering thermometers to meet the needs of the food industry for more than 30 years. Over these years we have seen a much greater emphasis being placed on temperature measurement as part of the ever increasing food quality standards. Quality control procedures require that temperature testing is carried out at every stage of the food production process. We have designed a range of thermometers that enable our customers to comply with these standards

Fit for Purpose

From the beginning, our design process has put a high emphasis on meeting our customers needs. This involved visiting many food production plants, getting to know our customer's requirements with a hands on experience of the conditions in which these thermometers are being operated. It has always been our philosophy to make our thermometers fit for purpose so that they are able to perform in these harsh food production environments. With this in mind we made them more accurate, robust, water resistant and heat resistant.


Accuracy is +/- 0.5°C which includes the uncertainties. The meter and probe are as one i.e,. no connector. The quoted accuracy is given for the combined system error of both probe and meter.


The battery life is 10 years, replaced during calibration when needed.
There is no limit on age. At Sensor Tech we are proud that an increasing number of our thermometers are in everyday use in excess of 20 years.


The case is round, robust and polished for easy clean. It is also water resistant to IP67 allowing it to be used in the more hazardous cooking areas.
All tubing used is food grade 316 stainless steel.


Jonathan Coyle - Sales

Gavin Molloy - Repairs

David Martin - Calibrations

Sensor Tech

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Dunleer Enterprise Park


Co Louth

A92 HK85

+353 (0) 41 6862726

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